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Welcome to my blog

I made a resolution to start blogging in 2018, 22 years after I started making websites.

My name is Andre Marcelo-Tanner and I have been a professional web developer for a quite some time. Having worked as a full-stack engineer in e-commerce, virtual goods, daily deals, content networks, startups and literally almost any kind of website out there. Most recently I headed the technology for Examine.com, the largest source of unbiased supplement and nutrition information on the Internet.

Now I run an awesome and excellent fully remote team at Galleon.PH where we are bringing E-Commerce in the Philippines to new levels with a modern technology stack using Docker from development to production and with Kubernetes at the forefront.

Personally, I am interested in technology and processes which enable teams to deliver products at high velocity by automating all the crud. My day to day consists of making sure people can just do what they love to do at work.

Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you can learn something from it. If you have some comments or something to share, hit me up on Twitter @kzapkzap or LinkedIn