DataDog: RabbitMQ Cluster Checks using Cluster Agent

DataDog is a great service for monitoring all your services running on your servers. You typically use it by setting up the DataDog Agent on all your servers and configuring it with what applications/integrations you want it to run checks on. What about external services that do not run on your servers like a managed MySQL or RabbitMQ?

Photo by Francis Delapena on Unsplash:


DevOps Tools in Go: Volt In!

This is the talk I gave at the GoManila Meetup held on September 23, 2019. You can view the slides here and the video recording here (starts at the 53-minute mark).

We used to throw code over the wall, only ensuring it works in our development environment. Production was a dangerous place that specialized people known as Operators/Ops had to set up, manage and keep online. The move of a lot of devices into software as code and the cloud with APIs and abstractions like Docker and Kubernetes has given us a world where the programmer can go from development to production all by themselves. This is what you might call the “DevOps” movement.